• Art. 1 – Admission to the Competition is open to candidates of all nationalities
only if under 33 years of age to the registration deadline.
• Art. 2 – All auditions shall be public.
• Art. 3 – The Examining Board shall be composed of well-known musicians;
if for any reason, one of the members of the Jury will not be able to participate,
the Artistic Director shall have the right to choose a substitute.
• Art. 4 – Official pianists of the Competition will be available to the candidates,
in the event that they are without their own accompanists.
The piano will be tuned with A at 442 Hz.
• Art. 5 – The Competition shall take pIace every three years.
• Art. 6 –  Recordings are not allowed by competitors.
The Organization may be able to resume in audio or video, in whole
or in part, the course of the contest without any compensation to the partecipants.
• Art. 7 – The Organization declines any responsability for damages
of any kind substained by the partecipants or their personal property during the course of the Competition.
• Art. 8 – In the event of a dispute regarding the regulation of the Competition the
italian text should be considered valid. The Forum of Jurisdiction will be Fermo.