oboe competition

SEMIFINAL 2 Dicembre

11.00 Baumann
11.20 Nishino
11.40 Soejima
12.15 Coimbra
12.35 Kim Seulgi
12.55 Barco
14.15 Diaz
14.35 Auli
14.55 Cozzi
15.30 Boufadden
15.50 Finoedov
16.10 Aktan
16.45 Giraudo
17.05 Reiko Mori
17.25 Macelletti

1995 – CONCORSO NAZIONALE per OBOE “Giuseppe Tomassini”
I Edition (every two years)

1º Salvatori Marco
2º Manganozzi Massimo
3º Olivieri Gianni
4º Ambrosini Marco

1997 – II Edition

1º not assigned
2º e premio della Giuria, Orlando Domenico
3º ex-aequo, Bagnoli Fabio e Ghetti Guido
4º Quaranta Francesco

1999 – III Edition

1º non assegnato
2º Schiavon Marco
3º not assigned

2001 – Concorso Internazionale per Oboe “Giuseppe Tomassini”
I Edition

1º Sébastien Giot (Francia)
2º Cismondi Nora (Francia)
3º Thouand Fabien (Francia)

2003 – II Edition

1º Navarro Lucas Macias (Spagna)
2º Bloch Mattieu (Francia)
3º ex-aequo, Staniforth Rosie (Gran Bretagna) e Aviat Victor (Francia)

2005 – III Edition
1º Zhuravlev Mikhil (Russia)
2º De Francesco Andrea (Italia)
3º Hcristov Petar (Bulgaria)

2007 – IV Edition
1º not assigned
2º not assigned
3º Park Min-Young (Sud Corea)

2010 – V Edition (every three years)

1º not assigned
2º ex-aequo, Grosso Johannes (Francia) e Kondo Nanako (Giappone)
3º Diaz Blanco German (Spagna)

2013 – VI International Oboe Competition “Giuseppe Tomassini”

1º Jeremy Sassano (Francia)
2º Nanako Kondo (Giappone)
3º Samuel Castro Bastos (Portogallo)

2017 – VII International Oboe Competition “Giuseppe Tomassini”

1º Seulgi Kim (Corea del Sud)
2º Mariano Barco Esteban (Spagna)
3º Ayaka Nishino (Giappone)


Lorenzo Luciani.
Born in 1966, he studied in Fermo, his hometown, with Luciano Franca at the Conservatory “G.B.Pergolesi”, where he is now full professor of oboe. He graduated in 1986 with top marks “cum laude”, after obtaining a scholarship as the best student of the whole Institute.
He perfected his technical skills with Pierre Pierlot, Heinz Holliger, Maurice Bourgue, Hans Elhorst, completing his professional development with Thomas Indermühle and Jacques Tys. He is engaged in a quite active concerts career on a National and International level, encouraged by rewarding results (winner of the audition with Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in 1995, recognized with an award at International Competition Riviera del Conero in 1998, ecc.).
He collaborated with many orchestras, among others: Rai di Torino, Sinfonica di Sanremo, Opera di Genova, Filarmonica Toscanini, Regionale delle Marche, Sinfonica Abruzzese, Sinfonica di Roma, Sinfonica della Repubblica di S.Marino.
From 2007 he is also teaching summer courses in Visso (MC).

Also in this third experience as Artistic Director, he requested by his side his teacher, Thomas Indermühle, juror, the orchestra in which he is first oboe soloist,  Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini, the support of the Conservatory “G.B.Pergolesi” of Fermo, colleagues and students.

• First Prize
€ 5000,00 *

(including a scholarship prize of €800,00 from “Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia” for two concerts to be performed in GMI music halls).

• Second Prize
€ 3000,00 *

• Third Prize
€ 1500,00 *

Special Prize “Luciano Berio”

for the best execution of Sequenza VII

€ 500,00 *

* taxable according to fiscal laws.


Nick Deutsch (Australia)


Olivier Doise (France)
Thomas Indermühle (Switzerland)
Daniele Giulio Moles (Italy)
Carlo Romano (Italy)