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ELIMINATORY – 30 November

12.30 Baumann Louis
13.00 Kim Jiyoung
13.30 Nishino Ayaka
14.20 Soejima Risa
15.20 Coimbra Tiago
16.10 Kim Seulgi
16.40 Belyavin Vasily
17.10 Peyronel Enrico
18.00 Barco Esteban Mariano
18.30 Diaz Guarino Paula
19.00 Vilela Gomes Marlene
19.30 Auli Morales Natalia
20.00 Ambra Cozzi

ELIMINATORY – 1 December

11.00 Moronta Vicente
11.30 Uehara Tomoko
12.00 Boufadden-Adloff Ilyes
12.30 Finoedov Sergey
14.00 Hodorov Odelia
14.30 Aktan Bengu
15.00 Giraudo Camille
15.50 Mori Reiko
16.20 Macelletti Viviana
16.50 Yamada Chiharu

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Registration Fee
The sum of € 100,00 should be sent on:
Bank account
(U.E. and EXTRA UE nations): IT10K0615069650T20140003172
Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo – Agenzia di Petritoli (FM)

To apply submit a file audio of 10 minutes minimum of free choice programme including at least one piece for oboe and piano.
Recordings already used for other competitions will also be accepted.

Registration Deadline

14 November 2022

• Art. 1 – Admission to the Competition is open to candidates of all nationalities
only if under 33 years of age to the registration deadline.
• Art. 2 – All auditions shall be public.
• Art. 3 – The Examining Board shall be composed of well-known musicians;
if for any reason, one of the members of the Jury will not be able to participate,
the Artistic Director shall have the right to choose a substitute.
• Art. 4 – Official pianists of the Competition will be available to the candidates,
in the event that they are without their own accompanists.
The piano will be tuned with A at 442 Hz.
• Art. 5 – The Competition shall take pIace every three years.
• Art. 6 –  Recordings are not allowed by competitors.
The Organization may be able to resume in audio or video, in whole
or in part, the course of the contest without any compensation to the partecipants.
• Art. 7 – The Organization declines any responsability for damages
of any kind substained by the partecipants or their personal property during the course of the Competition.
• Art. 8 – In the event of a dispute regarding the regulation of the Competition the
italian text should be considered valid. The Forum of Jurisdiction will be Fermo.